Cloud Data Engineering

Moving your data stack to the cloud - this is the first step of your digital transformation. Get value faster with Datatonic’s multi-disciplinary expertise and extensive experience in cloud architecture and data engineering.

Cloud Data Engineering

Future-Proof Your Data Stack

Technology is the key enabler of your cloud data + AI journey. Cloud providers, like Google Cloud, offer superior benefits to your business at lower total cost of ownership, compared to on-prem legacy systems.

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Scale cost-effectively for business growth, concurrent use and seasonal peaks.


Enable super-fast compute and processing, driving faster time to insights.


De-risk with data + disaster recovery, separated storage and computation.


Lay the data foundation to innovate, from real-time analytics to new use cases with AI.

Add the Tonic

Combine the right technology with specialised expertise. Our experienced team ensures your cloud data stack is performant, future-proof and secure. Here’s what we specialise in.

Ingest, store, process and analyse petabytes of data securely, cost-effectively and at speed. Ready your data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) for advanced analytics with a cloud big data platform.

+ Store your data more flexibly and cheaper than on-prem solutions

+ Increase your query speed by decoupling storage and compute

+ Lay your data foundation for advanced Business Intelligence & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence use cases

Find Out More: Building a Future-Proof Data Lake for Leading Auto Retailer, LKQ

Get access to your data from the moment it gets generated. Analyse huge volumes of current and in-motion data from multiple sources and geographies continuously with a cloud streaming data platform

+ Collect billions of data in real-time without data loss, overloads and lags

+ Achieve superior scale, flexibility and cost savings than on-prem

+ Enable your business to innovate with AI, such as real-time recommenders, fraud detection and predictive maintenance.

Find Out More: Tracking 1 billion+ events daily with 100% data retention for Sky

Make sure your data project is fully production-ready with DevOps experts. At Datatonic, our team support on platform engineering, productionisations, cloud native deployments, and CI/CD implementations.

+ Ensure your data project follows best practices in: automation, security, permissions, monitoring/automated alerting, reducing data and concept drift.

+ Upskill your team in Customer Reliability Engineering – we build the necessary processes and automations so your data engineers can continue their data journey.

Check the health of your Google Cloud data environment and ensure it is always operating at the cutting-edge. Understand your gaps, acquire a comprehensive list of recommendations and get upskilled with our four-week Google Cloud Health Check.

+ Get a complete audit of your: solution architecture, infrastructure, organisation set up, code, pipeline and DevOps.

+ Upskill in best practices on security, automation, permission etc. from Datatonic’s award-winning data architecture team.

Only applicable for Google Cloud Platform environments.

Our Work

We have a world-class customer Net Promoter Score (+75) and are the 3X Google Cloud Partner of the Year for a reason. Hear from our clients advancing their cloud data journeys.

Customer spotlight

We’ve helped Sky track 1 billion+ events daily and achieve 100% customer data retention on Google Cloud (compared to only 50% pre engagement).

Creating a Powerful Streaming Analytics Platform for Sky
This capability has the power to change the way we develop our products and has made me very proud of what we have built together.
Daniel Cronell Head of Product Experience, Sky

Getting Cloud Migration & Innovation on Track

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Whitepaper: Data Warehouse Migration

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Knowledge sharing is core to Datatonic’s DNA and part of every client engagement. Browse through our on-demand videos, guides and technical blogs for more insights.

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Jumpstart Your Cloud Data Migration with Datatonic

Understand the benefits of the cloud but not sure where and how to start? Datatonic's four-week Jumpstart program audits your data use cases, prioritises your data sources and puts your data into action with a proof-of-concept migration on Google Cloud Platform.

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Introductory Workshop

Get an introductory workshop into Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and Streaming Platforms. Receive a prioritisation list of data sources to migrate.

Architecture Review

Assess your cloud data architecture maturity, including your: ETL pipelines, visualisation layer, analytics layer and overall data architecture.

Proof-of-Concept Migration

Understand the benefits of scale, speed, security and innovation with a proof-of-concept migration of one static data source into BigQuery.


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