15 Apr

Computer Vision in Retail + Manufacturing

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15th April, 2-3pm GMT

Join experts from Google Cloud and Datatonic as they discuss:

+ The top growing use cases in Computer Vision for the Manufacturing and Retail industries, such as defect discovery, visual inspection, tracking/monitoring, and more.

+ A deep-dive into how we helped LUSH improve their Image Recognition model performance from 45% to 98%.

+ How to optimise your Computer Vision models for Accuracy, Speed, Cost & Scale.

Bobby Hyam
Customer Engineer, Google Cloud
Bobby has been architecting solutions for customers for over 15 years, the most recent three of which have been with Google Cloud. Bobby leads key projects such as IoT connected pest traps for Rentokil Initial and the data warehouse strategy for an international logistics company.
Avantika Kariwala
Strategy & Engagement, Datatonic
Avee comes from a background of having worked in several tech startups in London. As an Engagement Manager in Datatonic's Strategy team, she works on strategic accounts across sectors as well as R&D projects in healthcare. She holds a degree in Economics from The University of Warwick, and was also recognised by the UK Gov and Tech Nation as Exceptional Talent in the IT sector.
Peter Barty
Data Scientist, Datatonic
Pete is experienced in designing and implementing end-to-end machine learning solutions on GCP. Pete has a 1st class Masters degree in engineering from Imperial College London. He brings this engineering mindset and a systems-based approach to problem-solving for Datatonic's clients.
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