09 Sep
Digital Briefing

Getting Cloud Data Migration & Innovation on Track

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Top learnings from Datatonic, Google Cloud and Intel

Wednesday, 9th September, 10.00-11.00 BST

From setting up VPNs to digital call centres, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation out of necessity. Coming out of crisis mode, CTOs and CIOs are taking the opportunity to plan for long-lasting improvements. In particular, Cloud Data Migration and Innovation with Data are now demanding front and centre attention.

Join us for our Digital Briefing with Datatonic, Google Cloud and Intel. Learn and discuss with leading experts on how to plan, execute and mitigate risks to get your cloud data journey on track.

10.00 BST
The CTO's Agenda in 2020
by Datatonic's CEO, Louis Decuypere
10.05 BST
Modern data warehousing and AI
by Google Cloud's EMEA Tech Lead, Firat Tekiner
10.15 BST
Moving the needle - why the right cloud ingredients matter
by Intel's Industry Cloud Specialist, Chris Feltham
10.25 BST
How to fast-track and de-risk your cloud journey - Our top learnings from migrating LKQ
by Datatonic's CTO, Andrew Powell
10.35 BST
Top takeaways for Cloud Migration & Modernisation
by Louis Decuypere
10.40 BST
with the audience
Further Information

This is a digital event for leaders in Technology, Innovation, Data Engineering & Analytics looking to accelerate their cloud journey. Our experts will walk through practical learnings from their own experience migrating clients to BigQuery, as well as tips on how to drive innovation with Data & AI once in the cloud. Please register below to secure your place.

Andrew Powell
CTO, Datatonic
Chris Feltham
Industry Cloud Specialist, Intel
Louis Decuypere
CEO, Datatonic
Firat Tekiner
EMEA Industry Lead, Google Cloud

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