16 Jul

How to Grow the Lifetime Value of Your Games

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10.00-11.00 BST

Join Datatonic and Looker live or on-demand for a technical “How to” on using BigQuery and Looker to Improve Product Experience and Game Monetization.

  • How can Data Analytics Enhance Experience and Profitability in Gaming? Define your game’s potential using data, and harness the power of Looker and BigQuery to achieve your goals.
  • How to Build an End-to-End BI Platform We’ll show you how to enhance experience and profitability by demoing our custom-built end-to-end BI platform, powered by BigQuery and Looker.
  • Live E-sports Use-case We'll be using real telemetry data from a game that generates up to 17,000 data points per match, so you can see how data can support key business decisions around game investment and player acquisition.
Jamie Fry
Looker Practice Lead
Tom Pindar
Senior Looker Analyst
Neil Kennedy
Account Manager
Looker | Google Cloud

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