19 Nov

TonicTalk: Scaling AI with Realeyes + Google Cloud

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Join us with Realeyes and Google Cloud.

14.00-14.45 (BST), 19th November 2020

How can AI read and measure human emotions? How has the emerging field of MLOps made AI faster and more efficient?

Find out at our live “TonicTalk” – an open discussion with world-leading computer vision pioneer, Realeyes, alongside Google Cloud and Datatonic. 

Expect a riveting discussion on how Emotion AI and MLOps intersect to drive performance, speed and scale. With live Q&A, use the opportunity to ask the subject matter experts on their experiences, challenges, opportunities, toolsets and more! 

Topics Covered
What are the challenges and opportunities around detecting emotion?
The Rise in MLOps
What is it? Why is it in demand?
Google Cloud on MLOps
How has Google Cloud invested and committed to scaling Machine Learning workloads?
Realeyes x Datatonic
How to achieve 4X less memory and 75% less model training costs using the latest tech on Google Cloud?
Q&A with the Audience
Ask the experts from Datatonic, Google Cloud and Realeyes
Elnar Hajiyev
CTO, Realeyes
Elnar stands at the heart of Realeyes’ core technology and IT architecture, driving the company’s emotions tracking vision. Elnar started coding at the age of 10 and built some of the first online shops in Azerbaijan. During his PhD in Oxford, Elnar co-founded Semmle – working on big data analytics technology to provide business intelligence – and managed the company during its first few years before a fateful meeting with Mihkel led him to becoming one of the co-founders of Realeyes. He has built and now leads Realeyes' R&D offices.
Denes Boros
AI Specialist, Realeyes
As an influential member of the Realeyes’ R&D team as well as working alongside the Computer Vision team, Denes specialises in Machine Learning Pipeline development, AI Automation, accelerated model training and beyond. Denes has collaborated with Google teams, including the Brain and the Cloud AI Team. Having had a keen eye on Kubeflow from the get go, and thanks to the recent collaboration with Datatonic, Realeyes has integrated Kubeflow into the Core Tech Stack.
Tuba Islam
ML Specialist, Google Cloud
Tuba enjoys telling data-driven stories and designing analytical solutions to solve complex business problems in simple, creative and effective ways. She is specialised in machine learning, forecasting and natural language processing. As a data scientist, she implemented projects across various industries including fraud detection, demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, credit risk, churn prediction, entity extraction and document classification.
Sepi Pouryahya
Chief Scientist, Datatonic
Sepi is the Chief Scientist at Datatonic, heading up the Data Science and Machine Learning Engineer teams at Datatonic which design, develop, and deploy AI workloads. Sepi holds a PhD in mathematics, having studied neural systems and biological networks. As a data scientist Sepi has work across multiple industries and use cases, in marketing measurement, music A&R, fraud detection, recommenders, NLP, computer vision, forecasting, and dynamical systems.
Sam Guerriero
Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, Datatonic
Sam is a Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, with a background in AI & Robotics and a passion for driving innovation. Her work at Datatonic is dedicated to exploring the best ways to optimise Machine Learning on both hardware and software, and automate ML pipelines in Google Cloud Platform.

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