Impact with AI

Personalise, predict, classify and detect at scale. Identify your highest-impact AI use cases. See tangible impact from cutting-edge AI+ML models that are designed and deployed by Google Cloud's AI+ML Partner of the Year.

Impact with AI

Real-World AI for Real-World Impact

We demystify AI+ML by starting with your business pain points and opportunities. After quantifying the potential impact of AI+ML, we then design, deploy and automate your AI+ML to solve your business challenges.

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AI to Grow Customer Sales
AI to Grow Customer Sales

+ Customer Lifetime Value + Churn Retention Analytics + Real-Time Recommenders

AI to Optimize Supply Chains
AI to Optimize Supply Chains

+ Demand and Supply Forecasting + Product Mix Optimisation + Inventory Optimisation

AI to Drive Marketing ROI
AI to Drive Marketing ROI

+ Channel Mix Optimisation + Ad Spend Optimisation + Dynamic Pricing and Bundling

AI to De-Risk Operations
AI to De-Risk Operations

+ Real-Time Fraud and Claim Detection + Risk Scoring + Predictive Maintenance

Add the Tonic

Our award-winning Data Science + MLOps teams are uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end AI models, from design, pilot testing, deployment and optimisation.

Unlock more value from your data with Datatonic’s AI Innovation service.

We drive impact by: Discovering and prioritising new use cases for your business, Exploring your data + features required, and Building and piloting your AI model.

But let our recognised AI work do the talking for us:

+ Real-Time Personalisation for News UK

+ Optimising MandM Direct’s Ad Spend

+ Forecasting 5G Network Traffic for Vodafone

+ Improving Intersport’s Product Mix with Store Segmentation

Accelerate time to production and reduce model degradation with Datatonic’s AI Automation service.

Our team of MLOps experts makes sure your models get into production by the most efficient means possible. View our work that has driven speed, increased automation and reduced retraining costs for leading companies:

+ Eliminating Lush’s instore packaging with image recognition

+ Improving model performance by 4X for Emotion AI pioneer, Realeyes

+ Building Sky’s MLOps platform to drive personalisation at scale

Our Work

We are the 3X Google Cloud Partner of the Year for a reason. See how our AI solutions have driven sustained business impact for leading brands across sectors.

Customer spotlight

We’ve developed News UK’s cutting-edge content recommender that personalises the reading experience in real-time for The Sun and The Times readers.

Content Personalisation for The Sun & The Times
We have experimented with personalisation in the past, however we were always left frustrated. Datatonic brought a wealth of expertise and experience to our team, working to the standards of our engineers and data scientists.
Dan Gilbert Head of Data, News UK

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

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Data + AI technologies are continuously evolving at a rapid pace. Keep up to date with the latest tools and insights, authored by our Data Scientists and ML Engineers.

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Jumpstart with Datatonic

Not sure where and how to kickstart your AI journey? With our AI Jumpstarts, understand the value that AI can bring to your business with a tailored list of use cases + a proof-of-concept model, delivered within four weeks (duration dependent on data complexity and use case selected).

Get a jumpstart
AI Discovery Workshop

In this intro session, receive a prioritisation list of AI and ML use cases that addresses your business needs and identify your key growth opportunities.

Use Case Scoping

For one key use case upon your selection, get a detailed understanding of the data requirements, architecture + feasibility to bring this use case to life.

Model Build & Playback

We then build a proof-of-concept model on a subset of your data in ~two weeks (depending on use case).


Global AI + ML Partner of the Year
Global AI + ML Partner of the Year
EMEA Service Partner of the Year
Global Service Partner of the Year
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