Data Mesh: From Principles to Practice

Data Mesh takes a decentralised approach to data management, treating “data-as-a-product”, and allocating data ownership to domain-specific groups. The hype comes from its notable benefits, including agility, scalability and faster time to insights, compared to a traditional, centralised data warehouse approach.

All great in theory, but how have tech-led organisations put these principles into practice?

In this webinar, Datatonic is joined by Data Leaders from OVO Energy, Dojo and Google Cloud to discuss some of the main benefits and challenges of Data Mesh they’ve seen to date.

Watch to find out:

  1. What is Data Mesh – Why the hype? And, how not to mesh it up?
  2. From Principle to Practice – How are Dojo and OVO Energy implementing data mesh in their organisations?
  3. Learnings for 2023 – What’s needed to ensure success, from people and processes to technology?


  1. Jo Page, Director of Data & Data Science, OVO Energy
  2. Richard Oastler, Head of Data Engineering, Dojo
  3. Bipul Kumar, Practice Lead for Data & AI, Google Cloud
  4. Andy Harding, Lead Cloud Architect, Datatonic

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