Datatonic is Launching ‘Datatonic Labs’, a Dedicated R&D Hub in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Engineering

LONDON, UK – 6th July 2020 

A Dedicated Place for Research & Development 

Innovation, creativity and collaboration in cutting-edge technologies are what drives every Datatonic client project, research program and Datonite. This is why we are consistently recognized as one of the leading Google Cloud service partners and a true collaborative partner to our clients. 

“We’re proud to recognize Datatonic’s efforts on behalf of customers. Datatonic has consistently shown strong expertise and results in helping customers take advantage of AI and ML solutions.” 

– Carolee Gearhart, Vice President, Worldwide Channel Sales at Google Cloud


“Datatonic joined our R&D teams [and the] transformations that happened in that period beat every expectation. All [of our] engineers and scientists have significantly increased their experience with the latest technologies [and] working with Datatonic was easy, positive and felt very natural.”

 – Elnar Hajiyev, Co-founder and CTO, Realeyes 

As we’re recognized by our peers, Datatonic is proud to be launching ‘Datatonic Labs’, a dedicated R&D hub at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Data Engineering. Our mission is to drive the latest research, push boundaries and tackle industry problems in a creative, impactful and collaborative way.  


The Datatonic Labs Charter 

The ‘Labs’ charter is simple: We tackle ambitious and risky research projects. We serve as a testbed for new ideas. We incubate new solutions for Datatonic to bring to market. We do so with the agility and mindset of a tech startup, built by a team of passionate people with diverse data engineering and scientific backgrounds. 

“For the past five years, Datatonic has scaled rapidly to become a leading thought leader in AI and Cloud Data Analytics. This wouldn’t have been possible without our passionate team who continuously push the boundaries when it comes to state-of-the-art technologies and research. 

With this in mind, I’m immensely proud to be launching Datatonic’s own Research & Development Hub, ‘Datatonic Labs’, alongside our CEO and Founder, Louis Decuypere. With Labs, we offer a dedicated platform for the team, our partners and our peers, to develop new cutting edge data technologies, and foster a creative and collaborative environment for our tech community. ”

– Oliver Gindele, Chief Innovation Officer at Datatonic 


Projects We Have Developed So Far 


Project 1: Machine Learning Optimisation

Knowing how to pick the best hardware for your cloud machine learning tasks can be difficult with the many options available today. Through a joint R&D project with Intel, we have defined a set of best practices around the best hardware choice on Google Cloud Platform. The developed knowledge and tools now helps us and our clients to optimise speed and cost of deploying machine learning models for some of the most common applications.

Check out the research, ‘Machine Learning Optimisation: What is the best hardware on Google Cloud?’ published by our Data Scientist, Samantha Guerriero.


Project 2: Predictive Maintenance

Machine learning applications for predictive maintenance in the manufacturing sector have seen great interest in the past few years. To support our clients with the art of the possible in predictive maintenance we ran a research project to work on cutting edge algorithms that can predict machine failures ahead of time.

See as well our latest research, by Data Scientist, Thomas Gaddy, on ‘Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance’. 


How to get involved 

Labs isn’t just for Datatonic. It is also a destination for clients and partners to access and experience the latest solutions, capabilities and thinking from Datatonic. For 2020 we are, therefore, aiming to extend our research collaborations with Universities and technology partners such as Intel and Looker through a series of joint LABS projects. 

What are your latest ideas around R&D in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Modernization? Contact us below to get involved. 

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