Make Customer Experience the New Growth Driver with Next Best Action

With more than 319 billion emails sent and received each day (Statista, 2021), customers are constantly flooded with offers, product updates, and news.

As customers become inundated with so much information, how can marketers ensure they recommend the right services and packages personalised to each individual customer?

Next Best Action looks at the best way of engaging with customers in the most relevant and efficient way using Machine Learning to automate, learn, and improve recommendations over time.

Our explainer video, Datatonic’s Senior Data Scientist, Pete Barty, covers:

  • What Next Best Action is
  • The Customer Analytics Roadmap: from manual Campaign Management to Next Best Action (NBA)
  • How to Maximise the Return On our Investment in your NBA solution
  • The Four Foundational Layers of an effective NBA solution
  • Top Tips to Get Started

Curious about what advanced analytics and AI can do for your business? Get in touch with our team.


Source: Number of sent and received e-mails per day worldwide from 2017 to 2025, Statista, 2021

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