Real-Time Fraud Detection on Google Cloud

Companies are losing an average of 7% of their annual expenditure to fraud, costing the UK £110 billion a year, and £3 trillion globally (1). In particular, applications fraud and contactless payments fraud are rapidly increasing, with Covid-19 creating a fertile ground for fraudsters adapting their tactics online. 

Thankfully, the field of real-time fraud detection has become even more sophisticated, scalable and cost-efficient.

In our latest webinar, Datatonic and Google Cloud explain:

  1. What the top fraud challenges in finance and consumer-facing industries are
  2. How Datatonic detected over 90% fraud value, whilst maintaining a high-quality user experience for a global payments provider
  3. How to flag irregular customer behaviours during checkout with a Live Demo on Google Cloud


  1. Sufyaan Kazi “That Cloud Guy”, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud
  2. Alvaro Silva-Santisteban, Head of Strategy, Datatonic
  3. Nora Petrova, Principal Machine Learning Engineer, Datatonic

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    (1) Financial Cost of Fraud 2018 report – Analysis of 40 types of expenditure with a total value of £15.59 trillion in 49 organisations from 10 countries.

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