Single Customer View: How To Get Started

Marketers are increasingly pressured to maximise ROI from every marketing dollar. The tools to do so – better data analytics, effective ad targeting and personalisation of customer experiences at scale – are all made possible with a Single Customer View (SCV).

SCV is the aggregation of all data points related to your customers, stored in a centralised data platform, ideally reporting data in real-time. This unified customer view acts as a “single source of truth” to drive data-driven decision making across an organisation, particularly for personalised recommendations and offers. 

But, 70% of a company’s data on average goes unused for data analytics purposes. Even self-qualified highly data-driven companies currently manage over 50 data silos. Marketers, too, collect and analyse only 30% of their first party data.

Does your business face similar data challenges?

Find out how to break down your data silos, and maximise marketing ROI with better analytics and personalisation with Datatonic and Google Cloud Platform. Enquire about our a free 30-minute discovery workshop with a Datatonic Cloud Data Consultant.

In this workshop, we’ll review with you:

  1. Your Business Case: Discuss your current data pain points, and outline top use cases with a SCV in place.
  2. Data Architecture Best Practices: Review top learnings from recent Datatonic SCV case studies and example data platform architectures.
  3. Your Roadmap to SCV: Build an action plan, which typically starts with a technical scoping workshop.

After receiving your enquiry, a Datatonic team member will get in touch with a short questionnaire to assess your suitability for this free workshop offer.

    Hear from Our Customers

    For leading retailer, Pets At Home, see how we broke down 20+ data silos, established a Single Customer View Platform on Google Cloud, and drove better customer experiences.

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