Teowaki team joins Datatonic for an enhanced GCP experience

8th August 2018
1440 X 900 Teowaki Datatonic

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Diego Rodriguez and Javier Ramirez, founders of Teowaki team have joined Datatonic, bringing together a formidable depth of expertise across Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data and Cloud Architecture.

Javier is a Software Engineer, a Google certified Professional Cloud Architect, a Google certified Professional Data Engineer, and has been a Google Developer Expert on Cloud since 2014. He is a regular speaker at conferences and events, a mentor for startups, and  a technical coach for women in software workshops. He has worked in the industry since 1994, including a past position as a CTO and several years as a University lecturer. Javier will lead the Engineering function at Datatonic.

Diego is a Telecommunications Engineer and a Google certified Professional Cloud Architect. With over 20 years of relevant experience, he is the Swiss army knife of software development. He has extensive experience in backend services, data processing, web development, performance optimisation, devops and infrastructure automation, and he used to mentor students at developer bootcamps.

Looking forward

At Datatonic, we believe in unleashing the power of big data to drive business results. World-class big data engineering is the foundation for state-of-the-art, production-ready, scalable machine learning and analytics solutions. With Diego and Javier joining Datatonic, not only do we continue to build and invest in our Engineering function, we also continue our commitment to Google Cloud Platform as our public cloud platform of choice.

About Teowaki

Teowaki is a Google Cloud Service Partner with a strong record in migrating to Google Cloud, architecting and improving cloud infrastructure, building data processing pipelines, and analysing petabyte-scale datasets. Teowaki has implemented or refined the data engineering  operations of some of the largest retailers, telcos, and banks in Europe, as well as helped start-ups build their elastic auto-scaling infrastructure. The Teowaki team has trained hundreds of professionals, including many service partners and Google employees, on Data Engineering on GCP, Google Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure, Application Development and Kubernetes engine. They have helped more than 160 companies from 25 countries in the last 5 years.

About Datatonic

Datatonic is a team of data experts that enables businesses to perform better through the power of analytics. The Datatonic team helps to build state-of-the art data science solutions, providing customers with actionable business insights at an operational and strategic level. Datatonic is trusted by global players in retail, finance, telecom, manufacturing, …

Datatonic has close partnerships with Google Cloud Platform (Premier Partner; ‘Global Service Partner of The Year 2016’) and Looker, and has deep expertise in both technologies with most of our team certified in at least one of the two technology suites. All of our people have strong academic track records in Computer Science, Mathematics or Machine Learning.

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