TonicTalk: BI Transformation with Pollen

At a time where the pandemic has severely hit the travel and hospitality sectors, Pollen has seized the opportunity to transform their internal business intelligence and analytics function. This is relevant to all companies, but particular to Pollen, whose culture of Freedom & Ownership prioritises transparency, context sharing, and pushing ownership as close to the point of impact as possible.

Listen to our latest TonicTalk to find out:

  • How Pollen have established a single source of truth across the organisation with Looker + dbt 
  • How Pollen moved from “firefighting” to “adoption”, taking the data where the users are
  • How Pollen are building fully-fledged data teams – including the rise of the analytics engineer


  1. Brad Wright, CTO, Pollen
  2. Richard Jacobs, Data & Analytics Product Manager, Pollen
  3. Jamie Fry, Head of Analytics, Datatonic
  4. Tom Pindar, Principal BI Analyst, Datatonic

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