TonicTalk: Scaling AI with Realeyes + Google Cloud

How has the emerging field of MLOps made AI faster and more efficient?

Watch our latest “TonicTalk” on-demand for an open discussion with Emotion AI pioneer, Realeyes, Google Cloud and Datatonic on:

  1. Emotion AI: What are the challenges and opportunities around detecting human emotion?
  2. The Rise in “MLOps”: What is it, and why is it in demand?
  3. Realeyes x Datatonic: How did we achieve 4X less memory and 75% model training costs using the latest tech on Google Cloud?

You’ll also hear our case study with Realeyes on implementing MLOps successfully in your organization to drive performance, speed and scale in AI workloads.


  1. Elnar Hajiyev, CTO, Realeyes
  2. Denes Boros, AI Specialist, Realeyes
  3. Tuba Islam, Machine Learning Specialist, Google Cloud
  4. Sepi Pouryahya, Chief Scientist, Datatonic
  5. Sam Guerriero, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Datatonic

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    About TonicTalks

    No more webinar slides and endless presentations. Just open conversation and talk amongst Datatonic clients and partners. 

    Over 45 minutes, each TonicTalk will cover opinions on a topical AI + Data challenge or opportunity, a discussion on how the “tonic” drove business impact, and an open Q&A with the audience. 

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