Datatonic Labs

Our dedicated R&D hub pushing the boundaries for cloud technologies, data engineering and AI.

At Datatonic Labs, our mission is to drive the latest research, push boundaries and tackle industry problems in a creative, impactful and collaborative way.

We tackle ambitious and risky research projects with a team of passionate people with diverse data engineering and scientific backgrounds.

We serve as a testbed for novel ideas in an environment that is fun and collaborative.

We incubate new solutions for Datatonic to bring to market and collaborate with partners on their innovation journey.

Read on to learn more about our projects, the technology we are building and how to work with us.

  • Cutting-edge research
    Cutting-edge research
  • Fun, creative + collaborative
    Fun, creative + collaborative
  • Driving meaningful + impactful work
    Driving meaningful + impactful work

Our latest research

Discover our latest thought leadership that uncovers new Data + AI use cases, technology applications, implementation guides for data engineers and data scientists, and more.

Our labs committee

Oliver Gindele, Louis Decuypere, Oliver Bishop, Nora Petrova, Alvaro Silva-Santisteban, and Tom Pindar.


Have a project in cloud data + AI that you would like our LABS team to investigate?

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