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    Looker is our go-to modern business intelligence platform. Here's why:

    1. Governed self-service: Empower technical and non-technical users with governed, unified, near real-time data. 

    2. Embedded analytics: Embed data insights right where users need them to improve efficiency and decision making.

    3. Seamless integrations: API-first and cloud-native, with robust APIs connecting data to existing workflows and 3rd party tools.

    4. In-database architecture: Eliminate repetitive data extraction tasks, so users also see the freshest data securely.


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    We enabled near-real-time alerting on critical KPIs to take immediate action, such as # cart abandonments, using only MandM Direct’s current stack on BigQuery + Looker.  

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    We broke down 20+ data silos and empowered data and business users with data-driven insights, with a 360 Customer Analytics Platform on GCP.

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