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    What's SCV? Why does it give you an edge?

    Marketers are increasingly pressured to maximize ROI, optimize conversions and grow customer loyalty. The tools to do so – better data analytics, ad targeting and personalized experiences – are only made possible with a Single Customer View (SCV).

    Only 30% of marketers are currently able to collect and activate their first-party customer data. The majority still struggle with data silos and legacy on-prem systems.

    Datatonic, the award-winning tech partner of Google Cloud Platform and Looker, can help by building a cloud-native SCV with the right tech and expertise.

    We firstly aggregate all data customer points in a centralized data platform. Secondly, we accelerate your time to insights with self-service analytics. And thirdly, we unlock value through customer prediction and personalization.

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    Why BigQuery?

    SCV requires storage, processing and management of your different data sources in a centralized data warehouse. BigQuery is Google Cloud’s solution to super-fast and scalable cloud data warehousing that meets the data demands of customer-facing businesses today. BigQuery is proven to be more cost-effective than other on-prem and cloud providers and lays the foundation for data innovation.

    Why BigQuery + Looker?

    To get a single source of truth across your business, your data warehouse requires a powerful BI platform. Looker is an unmatched BI analytics and visualization platform that: democratizes data across your organisation, ensures data quality and consistency with pre-built codes, and seamlessly integrates insights into your marketing platforms.

    Why Datatonic?

    As a trusted and award-winning partner of Google Cloud, we migrate or build SCVs from scratch. We know time to value is imperative. To speed up and de-risk your SCV program, we would: prioritize your use cases, build technical blueprints and coding frameworks, and migrate iteratively. Co-development is also in our DNA. This means we upskill your teams over the course of the program, while unlocking additional use cases with analytics and AI.

    In the Workshop


    Diagnose your business challenges and identify your top use cases.


    Share top learnings (business case, readiness, impact) from our client projects.


    As an option, delve into examples of data architectures from client projects.


    Build an action plan, starting with a technical scoping & data assessment.

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