Personalisation Platform for Retail

Understand your customers - this is the first step to personalising their experience. Datatonic’s own predictive customer analytics platform empowers you to implement AI+ML and personalise at scale, helping to drive conversions, maximise loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

Personalisation Platform for Retail

Predict and Personalise to Drive Impact

From their propensity to buy particular products to lifetime value estimations, accurate customer predictions require powerful AI models. Our platform solution provides the information you need to optimise your customer experience at every touchpoint and drive multi-channel uplift.

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Drive Marketing ROI
Drive Marketing ROI

Conduct A/B tests with confidence to maximise marketing ROI using propensity-score-powered product recommendations.

Identify and Improve
Identify and Improve

Gain a detailed understanding of your customer behaviour to optimise and improve business operations.

Self-Serve Analytics
Self-Serve Analytics

Empower users across multiple teams to gain and utilise valuable customer insights.

Fast Implementation
Fast Implementation

Create actionable insights within 
24 hours using our purpose-built models for retail.

How it Works

We created this platform to provide a faster, easier, more cost-effective out-of-the-box solution that empowers retailers to implement AI+ML at scale without blowing the budget. It works in three simple steps:

Step 1 - Analyse

The platform unlocks the value of your data to help you truly understand your customers.

By consolidating and analysing historical transactional data, browsing data and customer information, it provides a thorough analysis to empower your decisions. Data from multiple sources is optimised for analysis, ready to power predictive ML models.

Step 1 - Analyse

Step 2 - Predict

Customise our pre-built models, specifically designed for retailers, to create personalised predictions for each customer.

+ Generate propensity scores for any combination of attributes to understand each customer’s likelihood to purchase.
+ Build customer lifetime value forecasts to help maximise and reward loyalty.
+ Predict your customers’ next purchase date to reduce churn and gain valuable merchandising insights.

Step 2 - Predict

Step 3 - Personalise

Output your customer scores, create audiences or lists with ease and add rules-based or AI+ML based segmentation. Make relevant, personalised recommendations available for your website in real-time, or integrate with your existing martech stack to create personalised campaigns. Our team work with you closely to measure uplift and help maximise your ROI.

Step 3 - Personalise

Our Work

We are the 3X Google Cloud Partner of the Year for a reason. Our platform is built on the experience of delivering exceptional results for multiple retail clients.

Customer spotlight

Iconic luxury brand Mulberry generated +110% uplift in return on ad spend using personalised product recommendations.

TonicTalk: Hyper-Personalisation with Mulberry
The integration of hyper-personalisation in our email campaign increased our Click Through Rate (CTR) by +37%. Our main achievement is also being able to rethink our Data Insights Journey to leverage our strategy across departments and become truly customer-centric.
Louise Vanwildermeersch, Customer Insights Manager, Mulberry

TonicTalk: Hyper-Personalisation with Mulberry

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Jumpstart with Datatonic

Not sure how to start your customer personalisation journey? With our jumpstart approach, we understand the value that AI + ML implementation can bring to your business with a tailored list of use cases and a proof-of-concept trial, deliverable in four weeks.

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Discovery Workshop

We learn your key pain points and objectives plus metrics to measure success in solving them. We’ll also determine how our platform can enhance your existing tech stack.

Use Case Scoping

We understand the most powerful use cases for your business and create a plan for a free trial activation.

Results & Learning

We review the performance of your trial and agree any iterations that would drive further uplift for your business. Our platform is at an early stage so this is a two-way process.


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