Cloud Migration Practice

Companies seeking to modernise their IT capabilities and access the benefits of the cloud are strategically migrating their data and processes. The most straightforward advantage in migrating to the cloud is the capital and operational costs savings associated with cloud technologies. However, this is not the only area from which a business benefits - cloud technology unlocks further advantages and key business enablers such as speed, scalability, simplicity and security.

The Cloud Migration Practice leverages Datatonic’s cloud engineering capabilities to design and implement full-scale migrations to the cloud. We focus on building a solid data foundation on Google Cloud and up-skilling clients to unlock the full potential of their data, including advisory on best practice use of cloud technologies, building the required capabilities and data use roadmap.
Data Warehouse Migration

Migrate or build a Data Warehouse on the cloud, leveraging BigQuery’s native efficiencies. Re-design the data architecture and workloads to execute a best-in-class migration, as opposed to a “lift and shift” approach. Provide speed, scalability, simplicity and security to uses of data, including simple set-up and implementation of business processes, highly scalable analytics, and faster data processing and insight generation.

Big Data Platform Migration

Migrate or build a Big Data Platform or Data Lake on the cloud for more efficient and secure data storage seamlessly integrating CloudStorage and BigQuery. Simplify administrative tasks and eliminate required maintenance. Store more data securely at reduced operational expenditure.

Streaming Data Platform

Process real-time data and conduct streaming analytics with a Streaming Data Platform using PubSub, Dataflow and BigQuery infrastructure. Achieve speed and scale to automatically process and act on streaming data. Access insights from streaming analytics.


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