Marketing Analytics Practice

Modern organizations are continuously leveraging analytics tools at their disposal to enhance understanding and decision making in marketing and sales. The ability to provide a personalised approach is becoming key to success rather than a competitive advantage. Pricing techniques are leading the way to dynamically react to competing prices as well as to offer optimal prices per customer. Finally, data-enhanced marketing efforts boost ROI and free up spend which can be used for other purposes.

Datatonic’s Marketing Analytics practice focuses on delivering the impact of AI for our clients across marketing and sales activities. Often, this includes prioritising higher impact use cases in a transformation roadmap.
Personalisation & Customer Journey

Use AI to understand your customers and enhance their customer journey. Deploy recommender systems and next-product-to-buy algorithms to deliver an individualized offering. Segment and connect with your highest value customers. Predict which customers are likely to leave and the underlying reasons to improve satisfaction and reduce churn.

Pricing and Promotion

Enhance pricing mechanisms to offer competitive, dynamic prices and tailor to individuals. React and adjust to volatile and seasonal market prices. Model and improve the use of promotions and discounts.

Marketing ROI Optimisation

Model and refine the marketing mix across paid and own channels with e.g. ad platform integration, high value lead generation. Calculate and improve marketing ROI including channel attribution.


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