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To sustain our position at the leading edge of data technology, we stimulate a culture of constant innovation. To uphold our status as the most dynamic data partner, we deliver our service with spectacular agility and accuracy.

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Google Cloud Telecommunications Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year
Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization Partner of the Year
Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization Partner of the Year
Google Cloud EMEA Service Partner of the Year
Google Cloud Global Service Partner of the Year

Our core values

Our values are simple and to-the-point. We work with purpose and responsibility. We believe one plus one is more than two. We draw inspiration from each other to deliver excellence.

Cultivating excellence

We create an environment of continuous learning, curiosity, ideation and testing things out. We then put excellence into practice.

Owning it

Our people thrive on taking on personal responsibility for our work. We love what we do and love seeing the results for our clients and partners.

Purposeful impact

We create positive change in our customers’ businesses. We’re driven to deliver high-quality outcomes with the best tech + best approaches.

Our commitment to
diversity + inclusion

We know that our success is driven by our diverse + inclusive community of Datonites. The people who make up our team all come to work with different experiences and ideas. Together, we work on fostering an inclusive culture.


Solutions to combat Climate Change are driven by large-scale technological innovation – and this innovation relies heavily on Cloud, Data Analytics and AI + ML.

Greentonic is Datatonic’s initiative for Sustainability and Climate Tech innovation.

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Our leadership

Louis Decuypere, CEO

Lennert Acke, COO

Andrew Harding, CTO


David Langley, CFO

Lisa Luu, Global Director of GTM

Vishal Reith, Global Operations Director

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