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Who We Are

A team of data problem solvers.

Datatonic unites the brightest minds in machine learning, data science, software engineering, science, and mathematics. With qualifications from UCL, Oxford, ETH Zurich, UCLA, and Carnegie Mellon, and experience at organisations like P&G, Barclays, and RBS.

We share a passion for data, operate at the cutting-edge, speak 7 languages, and believe in a pragmatic approach to solving hard problems. Together, we help businesses organise, understand, and action their data, unlocking innovative new strategies in the process.

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What We Do

We use big data to create powerful solutions.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    We design cutting-edge machine learning models that help you understand your customers, deliver tailored product recommendations, and predict behaviour across platforms, devices and geographies. Our specialities include recommender systems, propensity scoring, NLP, predictive analytics, IoT data analysis, hyper-segmentation, and geospatial analysis.

  • Data Engineering

    Data Engineering

    We implement hyper-efficient data platforms setup to gather information from across your business, provide enterprise-level stability and scalability, and crunch terabytes of data, so that you can analyse it in milliseconds. To ensure total reliability, we also provide ongoing training, failover assistance, and technical support.

  • Analytics


    We create bespoke data visualisations, analytics dashboards, and reporting processes designed to reduce manual analysis, empower your team with on-demand insights, and democratise data across your organisation. We also optimise your data warehouse to achieve the highest possible performance.

Our Services

A pragmatic approach to solving hard problems.

  • Enterprise Engineering

    Enterprise Engineering

    Unlock operational efficiencies in a core area of your business using machine learning, data engineering and analytics. Enterprise Engineering projects deliver scalable, reliable, and highly-stable solutions, with monitoring, failover assistance, and technical support included.

  • Strategic Innovation

    Strategic Innovation

    Leverage your data to develop an innovative new strategy, rethink aspects of your business, or unlock new revenue streams. Strategic Innovation projects focus on groundbreaking solutions with huge upside potential.

  • Technical Poc

    Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

    Get rapid results with an agile, 2-6 week project, using machine learning and analytics to solve a specific problem. Technical PoC’s focus on speed, provide the perfect starting-point for larger projects, and aim to demonstrate the potential of big data within your business.

Our Partners

Taking leading tech to its limits.

  • Google Cloud Platform Logo

    Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform lives at the heart of every solution we create. We’ve delivered big data and machine learning innovations for many of Google’s top clients, and in 2016, were proudly named Google’s Service Partner of the Year. Together we continue to redefine what can be achieved with their platform.

  • Looker Logo


    Looker are our go-to business intelligence and visualisation partners, and their best-in-class analytics tools provide the ideal front-end to many of our big data projects. We can help you implement Looker, build engaging dashboards and reports, and onboard your team through our Looker Jumpstart program.

Join the team

We're always looking for exceptional talent.

Are you an awesome engineer, data science genius, machine learning adept, or visualisation master? You'd fit right in here. Check the careers page and apply to one of our open positions, or swing by one of our regular Meetups to find your place in the team.

Our thinking

On data science, analytics, and machine learning.

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