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Explore how you can deploy Generative AI to unlock new ways of driving value for businesses, from providing innovative customer experiences with dynamic interactivity, to boosting the efficiency of analytics teams with coding assistants and data summarizers.

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MLOps for 
Generative AI

Like all Machine Learning use cases, Generative AI needs to be taken into production effectively to ensure maximum value for its users. Find out how Google Cloud is enabling companies to deploy their GenAI use cases with Vertex AI.

Generative AI Google Cloud

Creating new gaming worlds
with Hiber

Watch our talk from Google Cloud Next ’23 with Hiber’s CEO, Michael Yngfors, Google Cloud’s Generative AI GTM Lead, Audrey Chang, and Datatonic’s Generative AI Tech Lead, Alvaro Azabel, to find out how Generative AI is revolutionizing gaming.

Generative AI Gaming

Datatonic + Generative AI

Generative AI Retail

Analytics Assistant for a Global Retailer

We’re working with a leading retailer to develop an analytics assistant for its internal teams. This assistant will provide rapid insights and reduce the strain on the team, enabling them to focus on important data projects, and reducing bottlenecks for the wider business.

Generative AI Luxury

Reimagining Customer Experience with a Swiss Luxury Brand

Our ongoing work with a Swiss luxury brand will reimagine the customer experience on its website. Using Generative AI, customers will be able to interact with the website in new ways, guiding visitors to find the right product for them.


Using GenAI to Develop the Metaverse

We’re working with Hiber to explore how Generative AI can be used to create new worlds for games. The project uses Generative AI to turn natural language queries into code or 3D assets, allowing players to develop worlds faster with easier access for creators.

Where do you want to start?

We’ve developed a range of packages to help you make progress on your Generative AI journey, no matter where your business currently is.

Find our what’s possible with Google Cloud in a two-hour workshop on the latest Generative AI technology and how it could help your business.

Develop your GenAI roadmap by looking into what your business needs the most and how this could be solved with potential Generative AI use cases.

Get hands-on with GenAI tooling and start to develop an example use case to see its possible impact. 

Build a working prototype based on your business requirements to see how Generative AI can be used to solve your chosen challenge.

Prove the value of your desired Generative AI use case with this low-risk entry option into GenAI before scaling and deploying your solution.

How can Generative AI help you?

Find out how GenAI can help businesses provide cutting-edge experiences across industries…

Documentation generation

Automatically write documentation of code by developing an app that infers the documentation ready for review. Software developer’s capacity will then be freed to focus on writing new code, boosting efficiency.

Internal entreprise search

Provide employees with more relevant information faster via an internal enterprise search and Q+A system, relieving the pressure on highly-utilized knowledge owners.

Marketing analytics summarizer

Summarize raw analytics insights from your BigQuery or Dashboards using natural language, meaning your team can access information faster and more easily.

Network root cause analysis

Automate the process for evaluating + classifying alarms, ensuring resources are dedicated to the most critical issues, and generate recommendations to resolve network issues quickly.

Creative marketing generation

Empower your marketing teams to create bespoke text and images for marketing campaigns, enabling your customers to receive personalized product information and a better overall experience.

Enhanced network capacity planning

Enhance autonomous capacity planning in the network by processing unstructured input and providing a conversational interface to users to improve load management, performance, and customer experience.

Tailored advertising

Modify advertising imagery to better fit your website or magazine (target audiences + target medium). This includes imagery or rewriting copy to appeal to the target audience, increasing revenue and enhancing customer experience.

Help-me-buy chatbot

Interact with customers consistently using brand-aligned language and reliable expertise by fine-tuning a chatbot on customers’ products to guide them to the products they are looking for, increasing revenue.

Sales analytics summarizer

Summarize your sales outcomes to quickly gather information to help decide what to stock, reducing the time required to compile and analyse relevant data.

Localization assistant

Enable the automatic translation and localization of content, including but not limited to, subtitles, product description, and written content, to appeal to your customers.

Visual dynamic content generation

Generate content thumbnails to match your target audience. Like Netflix’s content targeting, this will personalize your users’ experience.

Automatic information extraction

Prioritize customer support using automated summarization + information extraction. This provides a quick way for individuals to triage issues, and faster response times for customers.

Research + report development

Reduce the time required when researching and generating reports to support advisors, analysts, compliance officers, and other similar roles.

Advise customers on retail banking products

Based on customer needs, suggest credit cards, mortgages, and insurance policies that may be most applicable to your clients, providing them with an enhanced personalized experience.

Empower decision-makers

Empower your decision-makers to faster calls with informative data that is up-to-date and in an immediately useful format, giving them more time for key activities.

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Datatonic has several Generative AI solutions, ranging from a two-hour workshop to explore the possibilities on Google Cloud, to a full custom Generative AI model implementation.


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