Marketing Analytics


Elevate your marketing strategy with our advanced Marketing Analytics solutions. Harness the power of data-driven insights and AI to unlock new opportunities, optimize campaigns, and drive unparalleled growth for your business.

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Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics
Partner of the Year

Datatonic is Google Cloud’s 2024 Specialization Partner of the Year for Marketing Analytics! We’ve worked with leading businesses to unlock new insights from their data and better connect with their customers.

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Marketing Analytics with Datatonic

Find out how Marketing Analytics is helping business leaders connect with their customers and prepare for what’s next in data + AI regulations…

Marketing Analytics Combine Data

Combine first-party data

Blend marketing sources such as Google Analytics and Google Ads data to activate downstream use cases with a holistic view of your data.

Zero to multi-channel

Utilize pre-built platforms that work with a number of vendors to provide a managed service that gives insights into all marketing channels.

Marketing Analytics Understand Customer Behaviour

Understand customer behavior

Capitalize on the advantages that combining your first party data presents. Use your data to understand customer behavior and deliver targeted messaging.

Be future ready

Eliminate the risks of a cookieless world, and utilize the opportunities it presents by effectively leveraging first-party data.

Marketing Analytics Rapid Adoption

Ensure rapid adoption 

Ensure full ownership and self-sufficiency post-migration through a programme of enablement and training via Datatonic Academy.

Breakdown the barrier to GenAI

Understand how GenAI can be used to quickly leverage your customer data and provide personalized experiences. 

Connect with your customers

We’ve helped leading businesses increase personalization for their customers and solve their most pressing marketing challenges with data + AI.

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We’ve delivered 300+ Looker projects since 2020, helping leading businesses to unlock new insights from their data, and visualize it for better accessibility and shareability. 


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