MLOps on Vertex AI
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    24th February, 2022
    14.30 GMT / 15.30 CET
    MLOps on Vertex AI: Accelerate Models to Production

    Join Datatonic and learn how to standardise Machine Learning with MLOps on Vertex AI to accelerate models into production.

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    Bespoke Trainings

    Want a bespoke Data + AI upskilling workshop for your business, delivered by actual practitioners?

    Our lead Data Engineers, Data Analysts + AI experts host 1-day to 5-day programs tailored to your teams’ needs. Below are a handful of our areas of expertise.

    Introductory level:

    • BigQuery + Looker Masterclasses
    • Foundations in AI + MLOps
    • Foundations in GCP Data Engineering

    Practitioner level:

    • LookML Masterclass + Hands-On Demo
    • AI Masterclass + Hands-On GCP Demo
    • MLOps Masterclass + Hands-On Demo

    Executive level:

    • Easing AI into your organization
    • BI architecture for your business

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