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Google Cloud takes a unified, open approach to AI + data-driven transformation that is unmatched for speed, scale, and security. As Google Cloud’s 9x Partner of the Year, Datatonic has a powerful partnership with Google to deliver cutting-edge solutions. 

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Generative AI Google Cloud


Now integrated with Google Cloud, Looker is the leading business intelligence and visualization platform. Datatonic has been the go-to Looker partner in EMEA since 2021, and has delivered over 300+ Looker projects globally. 

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Datatonic is a global leader in data + AI, and has been recognized with 9x Google Cloud Partner of the Year awards, and more.

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dbt is a data transformation tool that enables data analysts and engineers to transform data in a cloud analytics warehouse. As a dbt Labs Preferred Partner, Datatonic has experience helping businesses manage their data easily. 

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