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Make your data easily accessible and use AI-powered systems to improve network performance and reliability, optimize network traffic, and enhance experiences.


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Our experience, capabilities and range of solutions allow us to help you wherever you are in your data + AI maturity journey.

Telecommunications Partner

Build your cloud data platform

Set up your data. All in one place. At low storage costs. With incredible processing power. With all the advantages of the cloud: speed, scalability, security.

Telecommunications Partner

Enhance customer-centricity

Put your customers first. Understand them individually. Generate action based on behaviour, socioeconomic factors, location + contextual data. 

Telecommunications Partner

Automate + improve networks

Use your data across a connected ecosystem (IoT, edge). Deploy, plan, manage, maintain, control and optimise your networks.

Google Cloud’s Telecommunications
Partner of the Year

Datatonic is Google Cloud’s Telecommunications Partner of the Year for 2023. We’re helping telcos innovate with data + AI.

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Generative AI Google Cloud

Generative AI
for Telcos

Generative AI helps telecommunications providers stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market. Telcos can improve network efficiency, optimize customer experiences, and create new revenue streams.

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Looking to get started on an anomaly detection model, or diversify your revenue streams? Get in touch to find out more and start planning your project. 

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