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Our core values

We believe that with the right team and technology, data has the power to radically transform any business. We’re passionate about our craft and we pride ourselves on working on the cutting edge of big data analytics and AI. These are the values we live by.

  • Cultivating Excellence

    Cultivating Excellence

    We create a breeding ground for continuous learning, curiosity, developing ideas, testing things out - and then putting ‘excellence’ into practice.

  • Owning It

    Owning It

    Our people thrive on being given personal responsibility to deliver. Working collaboratively in teams of subject matter experts, we delight in ‘going the extra mile’ to get the job done well. We love what we do and draw immense satisfaction from seeing the results or our work.

  • Purposeful Impact

    Purposeful Impact

    What we do creates positive change in our customers’ businesses. We’re driven to create high quality outcomes by using the most relevant machine learning and analytics approaches and the best technologies to meet real business needs.

  • Winning With Team

    Winning with Partners & Friends

    Our business has been built on great partnerships and open-source collaboration. It’s one thing to be successful, but to do it in partnership with great people and other great companies is even better in our opinion.

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