Cultivating Customer Experience with Felleskjøpet

Felleskjøpet Customer Experience



Tech stack

Google Cloud


Recommender System


AI + Machine Learning

Felleskjøpet is a Norwegian cooperative and retailer that sells agricultural operating equipment and products, with over 140 physical stores. Felleskjøpet wanted to provide tailored recommendations to customers that visit its website, as well as improve the website search engine to increase the relevancy of customers’ search results. Datatonic implemented Google Cloud’s Retail API, leading to increased conversions for personalised recommendations.

Our impact

  • Increased the conversion rate from viewing a recommendation to making a purchase by 38% using “Others also bought” and 25% with “You may also like” suggestions
  • Improved customer experience with personalised product recommendations and more accurate search results
  • Reduced the number of search refinements, showing improved search and customer journey


The challenge

Customer experience is key, especially the efficiency and ease of use when trying to buy specific products on businesses’ websites.

Felleskjøpet wanted to be able to provide tailored recommendations to its customers that visit its website, to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for quickly. 

In addition, Felleskjøpet wanted to improve its website search engine to increase the relevancy and accuracy of customers’ search results to further enhance and simplify the website visitor experience. 

“We realised that a major challenge we faced was to quickly guide our customers to the products they were looking for. Personalised recommendations and an intelligent search engine are important steps to achieve a better shopping experience for our customers.” – Felleskjøpet


Our solution

Datatonic used Google Cloud’s Retail API to enable improved automated recommendations to provide customers with easier routes to find the products they are looking for. This involved: 

  • Implementation of the Google Cloud Retail API, enabling real-time predictions and better product search results
  • Sharing best practices on data handling and use of Google Cloud
  • Advisory on optimisation of the API
  • Transforming data into the required formats using BigQuery
  • Workshops to validate business objectives, such as the required types of recommendations and optimisation metrics
  • Reviewing the metrics collected during the product search testing phase and providing recommendations and feedback

“Our partnership with Datatonic and the implementation of Google Cloud’s Retail API have led to an enhanced user experience, marked by a noticeable decrease in users refining their searches. This means that the users find the items they search for with fewer searches than they did with our old search engine. We have also observed an improvement in the handling of language nuances, saving us time on synonym management.” – Felleskjøpet 

This project enables Felleskjøpet to improve the experience and journey of its customers with more accurate product suggestions and search results. In the future, the accuracy of these recommendations will increase over time, leading to further increases in conversions, and in revenue.