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Hiber, the metaverse gaming company that created the Hiber3D engine, and its own gaming universe, HiberWorld, is on a mission to make gaming and game creation fun and accessible for players. Hiber is integrating Google Cloud’s Generative AI solutions and world-class LLM (PaLM 2) with Hiber3D to enable text-to-3D-world creation. With their new solution, users are able to describe the world they want to create in natural language and play in that world immediately.

Our impact

  • Developed a demo to show how Generative AI can be used to enable users to create 3D worlds using only natural language
  • Used Generative AI to help rapidly grow Hiber3D and HiberWorld by reducing the barriers to creating new worlds
  • Adapted Google Cloud’s world-class LLM, PaLM 2, to generate custom code based on the Hiber3D development kit


The challenge

Imagine being able to type out a description of the world you are thinking of, and be able to play in it straight away. This is what Hiber set out to do with Generative AI. Hiber wanted to further diminish the barrier to creation, via no-code solutions to allow more users to create more-varied worlds, easier and faster than ever before. 

There are a high number of Hiber3D creators due to the accessibility of the current creator tools – no-code create and the Hiber3D Development Kit.

However, one of the challenges that creators have faced over the years is knowing where to start. Hiber’s hypothesis was that if users could express what they want to create using natural language, it would help them overcome this hurdle and unleash their creative power.


How can they achieve this with Generative AI?

Constantly seeking to stay ahead of the curve and innovate, Hiber was interested in exploring the potential of using cutting-edge AI to make gaming and game creation even more accessible. Adding the option of a generative AI solution for creators unlocks the potential of those who may not have the time or skills to develop the world they want to create, while skilled Hiber3D creators can increase their productivity and focus on the aspects of creation that they enjoy the most.

Hiber’s “dream state” is for users to be able to type in what they are imagining and for the Hiber3D engine to create it with Generative AI, allowing anyone to participate in the 3D web.

Hiber wanted to reach the point where if you can imagine a world, you can build it. 

“Along with our engine, we have a set of services that supports creators, including multiplayer, chat, identity, payment rails, and commerce connections. And we plan to go further. By uniting Generative AI with these services, we’re set to evolve our live service platform into a living games platform. “ – Michael Yngfors, CEO at Hiber


Our solution

Datatonic worked with Hiber to implement Generative AI for code, 3D asset, and world creation on its game engine, HiberWorld. This included:

  • Developing a Gradio-based chatbot frontend that accepts user text input, and returns code output from the system that will be used to generate 3D assets.
  • Creating a Python API application that receives message requests, returns model responses and performs necessary queries against the created documentation databases for query enrichment.
  • Building multiple databases in Google Cloud, and populating it with the Hiber3D documentation and the assets library.
  • Implementing guardrails to ensure that the code generated from the model will only be from existing react components, and will select existing assets from the asset library.
  • Developing a demo chatbot application that combines the code into a single usable application.
  • Providing a roadmap for future iterations of the application, describing potential improvements, and discussing implementation at a high level.


“Datatonic has delivered a cutting-edge collaboration to give HiberWorld users a new way to create 3D worlds. This has opened up a whole new audience of people that want to create faster with the ability to use AI as an accelerator to create their worlds.” – Michael Yngfors, CEO at Hiber

With this new solution, Hiber has been able to explore how creators on HiberWorld can use Generative AI capabilities to rapidly create new worlds using natural language. This would enable faster world creation, growing the possibilities for its players and attracting new users.

“We can’t wait to see what our users will create” – Michael Yngfors, CEO at Hiber

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Google Cloud

Watch our talk from Google Cloud Next ’23 with Hiber’s CEO, Michael Yngfors, Google Cloud’s Generative AI GTM Lead, Audrey Chang, and Datatonic’s Generative AI Tech Lead, Alvaro Azabel, to find out how Generative AI is revolutionising gaming.

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