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Datatonic Wins Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year Award for Machine Learning

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London, 14th June 2022 — Datatonic, a leader for Data + AI consulting on Google Cloud, today announced it has received the 2021 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year award for Machine Learning.

Datatonic was recognized for the company’s achievements in the Google Cloud ecosystem, helping joint customers scale their Machine Learning (ML) capabilities with Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) and achieve business impact with transformational ML solutions.

Datatonic has continuously invested in expanding their MLOps expertise, from defining what “good” MLOps looks like, to helping clients make their ML workloads faster, scalable, and more efficient. In just the past year, they have built high-performing MLOps platforms for global clients across the Telecommunications, Media, and e-Commerce sectors, enabling them to seamlessly leverage MLOps best practices across their teams.

Their recently open-sourced MLOps Turbo Templates, co-developed with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Pipelines product team, showcase Datatonic’s experience implementing MLOps solutions, and Google Cloud’s technical excellence to help teams get started with MLOps even faster.

“We’re delighted with this recognition from our partners at Google Cloud. It’s amazing to see our team go from strength to strength at the forefront of cutting-edge technology with Google Cloud and MLOps.  We’re proud to be driving continuous improvements to the tech stack in partnership with Google Cloud, and to drive impact and scalability with our customers, from increasing ROI in data and AI spending to unlocking new revenue streams.”Louis Decuypere – CEO, Datatonic


Google Cloud Machine Learning Partner of the Year

“Google Cloud Specializations recognize partner excellence and proven customer success in a particular product area or industry,” said Nina Harding, Global Chief, Partner Programs and Strategy, Google Cloud. “Based on their certified, repeatable customer success and strong technical capabilities, we’re proud to recognize Datatonic as Specialization Partner of the Year for Machine Learning.”


Datatonic is a data consultancy enabling companies to make better business decisions with the power of Modern Data Stack and MLOps. Its services empower clients to deepen their understanding of consumers, increase competitive advantages, and unlock operational efficiencies by building cloud-native data foundations and accelerating high-impact analytics and machine learning use cases.

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