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Personalising Bundle Recommendations

“Recommender systems” are engines that capture relationships between users and items, with the aim of predicting or suggesting new connections. This i...

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Apache Beam – Second London Meetup

They always say you should start the year on a positive note and that’s what we did last week: Datatonic and Qubit organised and hosted the second Apa...

SQL Reusable
How to Make SQL Reusable

We explore how making SQL reusable can help streamline analytics across your business, and why it’s good to be lazy. Good Programmers are Lazy So the ...

Apache Beam – First London meetup

A Successful meet up Last week, Datatonic organised the first Apache Beam meetup in London, working together with Qubit and Google to educate and spar...

Real-time streaming predictions using Google’s Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Machine Learning

Google Cloud Dataflow is probably already embedded somewhere in your daily life, and enables companies to process huge amounts of data in real-time...

Simple Recommendations using Spark on Google Cloud Dataproc

A typical food basket In this blog post we’re going to show how to build a very simple recommendation engine using basket analysis and frequent patter...

TfL Hackathon: Datatonic’s Traffic Optimisation Solution

A few weeks ago Datatonic took part in a hackathon organized by TfL. In case you were wondering, TfL is not some odd shorthand for Tensorflow; it is...

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Datatonic wins global Google Cloud Service Partner 2015

We are thrilled to have won the global Google Cloud Service Partner of the year award last week in Las Vegas, which we obviously celebrated in style! ...