Ad Spend Optimisation with Machine Learning
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    30th September 12.30 BST / 13.30 CEST

    Global ad spend is predicted to grow 14% in 2021 to a new all-time high [1], with search and social digital ad formats driving the bulk of this surge. 

    As brands compete to reconnect with customers after last year’s reduction in marketing spend for many, how can they optimise channel spend and maximise ROAS?

    Join our experts to find out:

    • How to bring Google Marketing Platform and Cloud together with other data sources to unify analytics and maximise ROAS
    • Case studies: How to ingest GA360 data & use Customer Lifetime Value to Optimise Ad Spend
    • Demo: Forecast ad spend and revenue per channel, and take action with a daily breakdown of channel-category-tactic combinations



    Maria Wiss
    Head of Digital Natives, Google Cloud

    Maria leads the Digital Natives team at Google Cloud, meaning companies "born" online, who are often disruptors of traditional industries. Before joining Google 3.5 years ago, Maria worked as the Nordic CEO for market research company, Dynata, and prior to that, she spent 10 years in the media industry and in management consulting.

    Avantika Kariwala
    Strategy & Engagement, Datatonic

    Avee comes from a background of having worked in several tech startups in London. As an Engagement Manager in Datatonic's Strategy team, she works on strategic accounts across sectors as well as R&D projects in healthcare. She holds a degree in Economics from The University of Warwick and was also recognised by the UK Gov and Tech Nation as Exceptional Talent in the IT sector.

    Daniel Miskell
    Data Scientist, Datatonic

    Daniel holds a Bachelor in Mathematics from University College London, and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Edinburgh. He builds Machine Learning models to automate decision making, make informed predictions and create powerful applications; all the way from inception to deployment.

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