Modern BI with Looker


Modern BI with Looker
Pedro Lopez
Analytics Manager
Babylon Health
Modern BI with Looker
Naomi Johnson
Lead Analytics Engineer
Marc Herrera Cuffí
Looker Platform Owner I Senior Analytics Engineer
Marcus O'Hanlon
Director of Sales, Corporate + Enterprise UKI
Rahul Prasad
Head of Analytics
Simon Seifer
Data & BI
Jonathan Reinhard
Cloud Architect
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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations face numerous challenges in harnessing the full potential of their data. How can Data Leaders leverage BI to identify growth opportunities, manage cost optimisation effectively, improve decision making and drive revenue?

Join us for our latest in-person event, where data experts from Lyst, Babylon Health, Google Cloud, DoiT and Datatonic will share their Looker experience to help you maximise ROI without compromising on data integrity or performance

You will learn how Looker can help your business:

  • Unlock the immense value of BI in Finance, Marketing, and Sales
  • Empower business units to transform raw data into actionable insights
  • Drive strategic decision-making and foster a data-driven culture across the business

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