Looker Explore Assistant

Looker Explore Assistant
Deployment Package

Find out how your organization can democratize data and unlock access to actionable insights by enabling business users to ask natural language questions of their data.

Access Looker Explore Assistant, a new Vertex AI extension adding GenAI capabilities to Looker

Datatonic has been named in a select group of Google Cloud’s preferred launch partners for their new Looker Explore Assistant. Within our Looker Explore Assistant Deployment package we will:

  • Review your existing Looker instance
  • Identify impactful Looker use-cases to activate GenAI
  • Plan the deployment according to your current reporting & data strategy
  • Build a scalable model to activate Explore Assistant use-case, create prompts for Explore Assistant, develop relevant documentations and release the LookML code to production
  • Enable a full technical knowledge transfer and handover
  • Upskill end-users on Looker Explores & Dashboards

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