Looker Health Check

Health Check

Find out how you can improve your Looker instance, optimising for efficiency, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness.

What is a Looker Health Check?

Developed to review your production instance, Health Checks deliver a check-up for best practices, peak performance, and new features. A Looker expert will review your usage, health metrics and LookML for areas of improvement before delivering recommendations and walkthroughs of how to implement them.

We can help with:

  • Complex models that have become hard to manage or scale
  • Deteriorating user experience + engagement
  • Gaps in skillsets from new hires or departing team members

Why do I need a
Health Check?

  • Developers feel their models are hard to manage and scale
  • User experience and engagement has deteriorated
  • Looker Advanced platform features are not being utilised
  • There are skill gaps in the team
  • You are considering migrating to a new database

How does it work?

Person Icon Looker Health Check

1. Participate in a workshop with a Looker Consultant on key findings and recommendations for your Looker instance


2. Experience co-development sessions and support to action key findings and recommendations

Paper Icon Looker Health Check

3. Plan your next steps with a summary document with key areas for model improvements

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Learn how you can rapidly improve your Looker instance to allow for better performance and easier scalability.