Art of the Possible

Art of the Possible of
Generative AI

Get in touch to find out how an Art of the Possible workshop about Generative AI could kickstart your journey to better customer experience, new revenue streams, and increased efficiency.

Understand the GenAI landscape

An introduction to Generative AI concepts and capabilities including Google Cloud’s GenApp builder, GPT-4, OpenAI, Anthropic.

Accelerate your data journey

Understand where in your business GenAI would bring the most value in the shortest time + how Google Cloud’s Generative AI technologies can solve your business problems.

Ethical AI

Understand why ethical and Responsible AI frameworks are critical to success, and how Datatonic can ensure responsibility by design.

Explore how Generative AI can be applied to your business through a two-hour session at no fee.

And when you’re ready, consider registering for a hands-on Discovery AI workshop to map out a plan to get started with a Hackathon, Use Case Discovery Workshop, Pilot, or Proof of Value!

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