Datatonic + DoiT

GenAI Discovery
With Datatonic + DoiT

Together, DoiT & Datatonic can help you explore the possibilities of GenAI on Google Cloud and kickstart your journey to better customer experience, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and drive value.


Explore the possibilities of GenAI in a two-hour workshop which will cover the GenAI landscape, where GenAI would bring the most value to your business and why ethical and Responsible AI frameworks are critical to success and ensure responsibility by design.  

Through this program, you’ll get access to sessions with our technical engineering team to review your existing architecture framework, and provide recommendations and best practices to help design and operate your cloud infrastructure, unlocking opportunities to pursue Generative AI for your business.


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What to expect:

  1. Discovery call with Datatonic and DoiT representatives
  2. Workshops with experts from Datatonic and DoiT
  3. Follow up on actions and key materials included in workshops

*Please note that your details will be shared with all partners participating in this workshop