Snowflake Data Sharing

Data Sharing

Find out how you can share your unique data sets to diversify and increase revenue with our Snowflake Data Sharing Package.

Snowflake Datatonic

Snowflake Data Sharing

Unlock new revenue with Data Sharing

Step 1: Discovery + Infrastructure


  • Understand and document objectives, available data and business rules regarding data modelling, security, cost optimisation
  • Define execution roadmap and deliverables 
  • Initial setup and configuration of infrastructure components for data share

Step 2: Data Share Development


  • Develop a Data Share use case, includes landing and transforming source data and setting up quality assurance mechanisms
  • Final infrastructure, security and cost optimisation set up for the data share


Step 3: Management + Automation


  • Document data share creation, testing + maintenance process
  • Development team + data share consumers enablement and training
  • Document automation process for the creation of new shares and provide Python

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