Data Mesh on Google Cloud

A Practical Guide for Data Leaders

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A guide by data leaders, for data leaders, looking to turn Data Mesh principles into practice on Google Cloud.

The evolving nature of technology and rapid growth of data volume, velocity, and variety presents a significant opportunity for businesses. However, companies often struggle to scale their more traditional data stacks. Data Mesh has gained momentum as an alternative, taking a decentralised approach to data management, and enabling businesses to harness and share data effectively to address challenges around scalability.

Considering that Data Mesh is as much an organisational challenge as a technical one – how do you implement it?

In this guide, Datatonic’s Lead Architect, Andy Harding, and Data + Analytics Strategy Lead, Nevile Reid, provide tactical advice on how to take Data Mesh principles outlined by Thoughtworks and put them into practice across the organisation. You will learn:

  1. The core principles and benefits of Data Mesh
  2. Tactical advice on applying Data Mesh principles, including tool recommendations such as BigQuery, Data Catalog, and Analytics Hub
  3. Four tips on driving organisational change to coordinate between data domains and promote a Data Mesh culture

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