Datatonic and Intel Whitepaper: How to be Hyper-Relevant


Bring Personalised Experiences to Customers

The ability to make every brand-to-customer interaction as relevant as possible has been the ultimate goal in the digital age. Personalisation, in the form of individualised recommendations, offers and messages, is now viewed as an essential to customers.

Datatonic, Google Cloud’s Specialization Partner of the Year for Machien Learning, has partnered with Intel to bring you a three-step guide making personalisation a reality:

  1. Build a sound data foundation
  2. Recommend with machine learning
  3. Build trust with explainability

You can download this below. Once your request has been submitted, we’ll email you with a link to our whitepaper. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can reach us at

the guide

A three-step guide about how to make personalisation a reality.