Machine Learning for Marketing Leaders

in 2022

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Learn About Six Practical Applications of Machine Learning to Maximise ROI.

Several factors, including Covid-19 and GDPR, have changed how consumers engage with marketing in the past year. This has led to a shift in priorities, channels, and a greater emphasis on first-party relationships.

With these new trends dominating the landscape, how can marketers maximise the value of their data to stay ahead of the curve?

This guide showcases six Machine Learning (ML) use cases to help marketers and insights teams identify what’s changing and provides practical tips on how to optimise for that change.

Based on our work with industry leaders such as News UKMandM Direct, and INTERSPORT, we cover:

  1. How to use your data + ML to get to know your customer, from marketing intelligence and customer segmentation to forecasting decisions.
  2. How to use ML to optimise your marketing mix by automating at scale and in real-time.
  3. Why a solid data foundation is your key to success, and how to build one.

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