MLOps in 2021

The Datatonic and Intel Guide

By Machine Learning Engineers. For Data Scientists & Data Engineers.

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Datatonic, Google Cloud, Intel: The 2021 Guide to MLOps

Make AI workloads faster, scalable, and more efficient with MLOps.

The exciting and fast-evolving field of MLOps can help your data teams:

  1. Increase automation while maintaining the quality of AI workloads,
  2. Establish a shared set of best practices and guidelines among data science and data engineering teams,
  3. Manage the development and delivery of machine learning services.

But what does “Good” MLOps look like, and how do you make it work for your business?

At Datatonic, we have helped multiple clients deploy successful MLOps to make their AI workloads faster, scalable, and more efficient.

Check out our guide, developed in partnership with Intel, by Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Strategists to learn how.

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