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Datatonic Signs Up Major Enterprises with New Turbo Data Migration Framework

Turbo Data Migration

Proven Turbo Data Migration Framework propels global giants in Telecoms, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Retail towards rapid AI success


January 24th, 2024 – 5X Google Cloud Partner of the Year, Datatonic, today announced its Turbo Data Migration Framework, leveraging its experience in delivering complex data migrations for major enterprises. Together with Google Cloud, they are helping enterprises drive measurable business value through rapid, cost-effective migrations to fuel AI success.

Find out how the Turbo Data Migration Framework can be applied to your business too.

What is the Turbo Data Migration Framework?

Datatonic’s proprietary Turbo Data Migration Framework and pre-built accelerators take you from evaluation to activation, fast. Based on several successful data migrations, across multiple industries (Telecoms, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Retail), the framework ensures reliability, and scales to your unique needs and team structures.

Why Turbo?

Seamlessly integrating Datatonic’s experts with your internal resources or chosen partners, this approach leverages accelerators, pre-built templates, and best practices, finding the optimal balance between guidance and existing capabilities to deliver fast, cost-effective migrations.

Turbo Data Migrations take a co-development approach, which, coupled with hands-on instructor-led training by Datatonic Academy allows businesses to minimize disruption and fully upskill to maximize value from the migration. Trained teams are 80% faster to adopt cloud, and 2 X more likely to go beyond limited deployment, identifying further use cases for value creation.

Which businesses has Datatonic turbocharged?

Datatonic has guided global giants through their toughest cloud journeys, laying the foundation and unlocking the value of data for enterprises, including:

  • AWS to Google Cloud: Accelerating the migration of a leading telecom provider’s Big Data Platform from AWS to Google Cloud, enabling 20+ consumer-facing use cases to improve customer experience.
  • Hadoop to Google Cloud: Migrating 150+ highly scientific and unique data pipelines for a multinational healthcare company to empower researchers to operate a world-class R&D function, streamlining costs and leveraging scalability.
  • Snowflake to Google Cloud: Migrating a leading commerce platform provider to Google Cloud in just two months, reducing data warehouse costs by 25%.
  • Customer Data Platform Build: Aggregating 20+ marketing data sources for leading UK retailer, Pets at Home, to enhance customer experience.


Prepare for what’s next: Start with a Data Warehouse Modernization Workshop or contact our experts to discuss your unique migration journey. 

Want to upskill before you get started? Register for our upcoming free training sessions: 

26th January: Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

31st January: Introduction to Generative AI

9th February: Prompt Engineering: Prompt Like a Pro

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