Data Warehouse Modernisation

Modernise your
data warehouse today

Find out what’s possible with Google Cloud in our one-day workshop and how Datatonic can support at every stage of the migration and beyond.

Datatonic FinOps Maturity

Our workshop lays the foundations for a modern cloud data warehouse

Data Warehouse Modernisation Use Cases

Quickly identify potential use cases for data warehousing and data processing 

Data Warehouse Modernisation Review

Receive an initial review of current state objectives and challenges

Data Warehouse Modernisation Advice

Discuss advice on your data warehouse design and implementation 

Prepare for what’s next with our modernised approach

Our fully modernised approach uses leading technologies, such as Dataform, Dataplex, and Analytics Hub to maximise the potential of your data, meaning you also benefit from: 

  • Increased Scalability and Flexibility
  • Reduced Complexity and Cost to Maintain
  • Improved Data Governance
  • Advanced Analytics and AI

Get started

Modernise your data warehouse to unlock new value from faster insights, advanced analytics, and Machine Learning.

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