On-Premise to a Cloud Data Warehouse Guide

Cloud Data Warehouse

How to Accelerate Your Cloud Data Warehouse Migration

Migration to a Cloud Data Warehouse leads to speed, scalability, performance and innovation.

These are the well-known benefits for companies establishing their data warehouse on the cloud. However, 62% of companies are yet to shift from existing on-prem solutions.

In this guide, Datatonic address common hurdles that companies face when getting their data warehouse migration programs off the ground. We detail:

  1. How to make the business case to your board
  2. How to choose the right model for cloud migration
  3. How to migrate without disruption

This guide also features case studies on how we’ve migrated enterprise clients onto BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless data warehousing solution.

You can download our guide below. Once your request has been submitted, we’ll email you with a link to our whitepaper. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can reach us at Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with our latest content.

the guide

Find out how to accelerate your migration from on-premise to Google Cloud, and how it will benefit your organisation.