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As Google Cloud’s 2024 UKI Services, Alps Services, Marketing Analytics, and Gaming Partner of the Year, and overall 9x Partner of the Year, Datatonic has a powerful partnership with Google to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

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9x Google Cloud
Partner of the Year

Google Cloud Telecommunications Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year
Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization Partner of the Year
Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization Partner of the Year
Google Cloud EMEA Service Partner of the Year
Google Cloud Global Service Partner of the Year

Build solid foundations with BigQuery

Traditional Data Warehouses can’t cope with today’s explosive growth of data. BigQuery is Google Cloud’s answer to scalable, super-fast and cost-effective serverless data warehousing.

BigQuery overcomes on-prem challenges of scale, speed and cost, and lays the foundation for your business to analyse in real-time, automate your workflows, and optimize with AI.

Unlock value faster with Vertex AI

Machine Learning models only generate value once in production, and there are several stages of development and testing before realizing value.

Vertex AI offers an ecosystem for MLOps, and everything AI, providing your business with a unified development and deployment platform for data science and machine learning, and increasing the productivity of data scientists and ML engineers.

The cloud provider for everything


With Google’s BI offering, Looker, you can democratize your data, and achieve faster time to insights.


Using Google Cloud APIs and tooling, you can use AI + ML to personalize recommendations, make accurate predictions, and improve forecasting.


With Vertex AI, you can quickly develop and productionize your ML models, and efficiently scale Research + Development.

Generative AI
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Explore how you can deploy GenAI to unlock new ways of driving value for businesses, from providing innovative customer experiences with dynamic interactivity, to boosting the efficiency of analytics teams with coding assistants and data summarizers.

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