Our work

Datatonic works with leading companies across a range of industries and data + AI maturity levels.

Powering MuchBetter’s Real-Time Analytics to Enhance their Customer Experience
Global cargo handling leader
Establishing a Single Source of Truth on Google Cloud for a Global Leader in Cargo Handling
Digital Native Industry Industries
Automating Content Creation for Pioneering AR Games with HVNT
Unlocking Inmarsat’s Data Potential with Innovative Aircraft Matching
Delivery Hero
Implementing Powerful ML Models with MLOps for Delivery Hero 
Living room household appliance
Household appliance manufacturer
Maximising Digital Sales with ML for a Global Technology Retailer
BT Tower
BT Group Unveils AI Accelerator to Shorten Rollout of New AI from Six Months to Six Days
Cat + Dog
Pets at Home
Old Data, New Tricks