The MLOps Tools Guide for GCP

Vertex AI Assessment

Choose the right MLOps tools for your Machine Learning model.

With the rise of MLOps, the market for machine learning platforms is also growing rapidly and is predicted to reach $126.1 billion by 2025. As the number of tools available grows, how do you go about picking the right tool for your business?

Our first, 2021 Guide to MLOps, covers what “good” MLOps looks like, and how to make your AI workloads faster, scalable, and more efficient.

In this guide, we take a deep dive into each key stage of the ML model lifecycle, understanding the pros and cons of the available tools, such as Vertex AI, Cloud Composer, Dataflow, Cloud Run, and more.

Based on our experience working with industry leaders (Sky, Global Payments Provider, Realeyes, Babyshop) we detail how to make the right choice for you.

This guide will help you:

  1. Get an objective view into the pros and cons of MLOps tools available on Google Cloud
  2. Understand why picking the right tool across each stage of the ML journey is crucial
  3. Identify which tools to use to design and deploy a system that works for you

the guide

Find out how to use the right Google Cloud tools for your MLOps platform.