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BQML Algorithm
Implementing Your First BQML Algorithm in Looker

  Author: Christelle Xu     Leveraging BQML in tandem with Looker’s semantic layer to build, visualise, and deliver powerful predictio...

Celebrating Dataset Diversity in Recommender Systems

Dataset diversity You’ve doubtless come across recommenders before. You’ll certainly have been on the receiving end of a few. The question is, what do...

Propensity Modelling at Scale using TensorFlow Estimators and Cloud AI Platform

Discover what a typical Machine Learning pipeline looks like for Propensity Modelling on Google Cloud Platform, using TensorFlow as our framework of c...

Joining CSV Data In Apache Beam

This article describes how we built a generic solution to perform joins of CSV data in Apache Beam. Typically in Apache Beam, joins are not straightfo...

How to Efficiently Grow Your All-Around ML Capability, from R&D to Production!

The discipline around providing infrastructure and best practices in machine learning, MLOps, is starting to take shape and is reminiscent of the earl...

Press releases
Datatonic Wins Google Cloud EMEA Services Partner of the Year Award

London, 9 April 2019 — Datatonic today announced that it has received the 2018 Google Cloud EMEA Services Partner of the Year award. This award was pr...

Helping MandM Direct Select the Right Audience for Google Ads Campaigns

In the digital world, online companies must embrace data and analytics to ensure their media spend is competitive. Whilst Google Analytics and Adwords...

Natural Language Processing
Extracting Features from Free Form Text

Experts estimate that 80-90% of data in organisations is unstructured, and the amount of unstructured data such as free-form text, images, audio and v...

Accelerate Machine Learning on Google Cloud with Intel Xeon processors

The world’s data is expected to grow 10-fold over the next decade. Consequently, more and more sophisticated solutions to store and process data are r...

ZSL Animal Panda
ZSL – Identifying Species in Camera Trap Images with Cloud AutoML Vision

This story about how AutoML can help with wildlife preservation was also featured on this Google Cloud blog. Over the last 40 years, more than half of...

Personalising Bundle Recommendations

“Recommender systems” are engines that capture relationships between users and items, with the aim of predicting or suggesting new connections. This i...

Recommender System
Apache Beam – Second London Meetup

They always say you should start the year on a positive note and that’s what we did last week: Datatonic and Qubit organised and hosted the second Apa...