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AI Automation with MLOps

Getting real value from AI is a struggle, but MLOps (a compound between Machine Learning and Operations) can lend a hand. Datatonic’s Director...

What is Game Lifetime Value and How Do You Measure It?

Author: Eliott Perl Building a new video game? Also featured in our on-demand webinar “Grow Your Game’s Lifetime Value”, we...

Optimising Machine Learning Inference with Intel’s OpenVino

Continuing the R&D previously completed on online inference for computer vision, we have collaborated with Intel and benchmarked Intel’s OpenVIN...

Cloud Data Warehouse
On-Premise to a Cloud Data Warehouse Guide

How to Accelerate Your Cloud Data Warehouse Migration Migration to a Cloud Data Warehouse leads to speed, scalability, performance and innovation. The...

Cloud Data Engineering
Detecting Online Fraud with Machine Learning

It is estimated that companies are losing on average 7% of their annual expenditure to fraud, costing the UK £110 billion a year, and £3 trill...

Decarbonising Machine Learning
Decarbonising the Shipping Industry using Machine Learning

Oliver Gindele, Chief Innovation Officer of Datatonic, outlines five recommendations on how Data & Machine Learning can reduce carbon emissions in...

Responsible AI
Warehouse Stock Manufacturing
Cloud Data Warehouse: The Starting Point to Any Digital Transformation

Author: Matt Garner, Business Development Manager Digital transformation plans that can take months and even years to execute are now being accelerate...

Cloud Data Engineering
Datatonic and Intel Whitepaper: How to be Hyper-Relevant

Bring Personalised Experiences to Customers The ability to make every brand-to-customer interaction as relevant as possible has been the ultimate goal...

Optimise Your Google Cloud Costs Using Looker

Get a Detailed View with Datatonic + Looker Dashboards Keeping track of Google Cloud consumption is key to monitoring your business’ expenses. H...

Hyper-Personalisation During and Post Pandemic

Author: Matt Garner, Business Development Manager Personalization delivered at scale can no longer be a future business goal. As we’ve detailed ...

Generative AI Google Cloud
Press releases
Datatonic wins global award: Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year for AI + ML

London, 6 April 2020 — Datatonic today announced that it has received the 2019 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year Award for AI + ML. Data...

Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance – Part 2: Predicting Hard Drive Failure

In the last post, I gave a brief overview of predictive maintenance. If you haven’t read it already I’d recommend going back and checking it out to ge...

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