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Four Ways Google Cloud Can Solve Your Security Challenges

Cloud computing has been one of the most significant shifts in information technology in the past years. Having an almost infinite amount of compute...

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Vertex AI Assessment
The MLOps Tools Guide for GCP

Choose the right MLOps tools for your Machine Learning model. With the rise of MLOps, the market for machine learning platforms is also growing rapidl...

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Propensity Scoring
What is Propensity Scoring and Why Should You be Using it?

When it comes to marketing, reaching the right people with the right message at the right time is the ultimate goal for any data-driven business. In...

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Datatonic Open Sources ‘Data Orchestration Platform’

7th April 2021 Data Orchestration is a relatively new concept referring to a set of technologies that takes data from multiple sources, combi...

TonicTalk with Sky: Your Questions Answered!

How do organisations make personalisation a reality? Why is realising you’re at “Level 0” Tactical AI (i.e. highly manual and disjointed ML processe...

Looker Drill-Downs
Drilling into the Details: Multiple Drill-downs in Looker

When reporting on key metrics in a business, one of the most common questions that clients ask us is: how can we gain further insight into a specifi...

Feature Store
MLOps Tools Part 5: BigQuery + Memorystore vs. FEAST for Feature Store

Welcome to the last post of our blog series on MLOps on Google Cloud! In previous weeks, we have released blogs covering Data Transformation,...

MLOps Tools Part 4: Cloud Monitoring vs. Grafana for Monitoring ML Systems

In our previous blogs, we have covered key areas of MLOps and seen tools go head-to-head for Data Transformation (Tensorflow Transform vs. BigQuery)...

Datatonic FinOps Maturity
MLOps Tools Part 3: Cloud Functions vs. Cloud Run for Model Serving

Part one and two of our MLOps tools series gave you an insight into data transformation tools ( TensorFlow Transform vs. BigQuery) and orchestration...

MLOps Tools Part 2: Kubeflow Pipelines vs. Cloud Composer for Orchestration

In part one of our MLOps Tools series, Aman compared TensorFlow Transform with BigQuery for data transformation. If you missed it, make sure you che...

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TensorFlow BigQuery
MLOps Tools Part 1: TensorFlow Transform vs. BigQuery for Data Transformation

Deploying a Machine Learning model in production can be challenging. So challenging, in fact, that 87% of data science projects don’t even make it t...

Bias and Fairness Part 2: Measuring Fairness in Machine Learning

This is the second part of our ‘Bias and Fairness in Data and Machine Learning’ blogpost series. For an informative overview sprinkled with indi...

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